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    July 6, 2013
    9:00 - 10:01pm PDT  

top of the hour. 9:00 p.m. saturday in san francisco. tracking deadly breaking news. deadly plane crash at san francisco international airport. two people confirmed dead after asiana airlines flight 214 crashed on >> a south korean government official said that the two killed were chinese passport holders. 49 others are in serious conditions, the airliner was preparing to land when something, something went terribly wrong. parts of the plane shuttered and broke apart. white plumes rose up and there's a large gaping burned out hole in the pla in the plane. witnesses say the plane spun around. >> it looked normal at first. it was taking the same angle that they come in, like this and the wheels were down and then i hear something. i knew something was wrong,
three or five seconds out, i started calling to my fiance and saying, this doesn't look right. this doesn't look right. and the wheels, they were too low, too soon. so, this is the runway it came in like this. i was watching the wheels and it just hit like that and the whole thing just collapsed immediately. and it never really had a chance. >> 291 passengers and 16 crew members on board. asiana flight 214. 307 people total on the flight. wuc 1 hospitalized 49 seriously injured, 123 uninjured and two confirmed dead. the word we are getting yet is that everyone is accounted for in one way or another.
we are at the scene, and joining him live with the latest. dan? >> reporter: hey, it's been quite a day to say the least. the ntsb will arrive approximately at midnight and begin processing the scene tomorrow. we know that the 123 people who were brought here to the terminal, who were uninjured have now been allowed to go home or at least figure out their plans as far as going on to other destinations, etcetera, etcetera. here we are in the international terminal, i looked at the board behind me. it appears that things are operating smoothly now. most of the flights departing this evening have online or on time departures, as far as the injured go, john, we know that nine bay area hospitals have accepted patients of the patients who were brought there, 49 considered to be in serious condition.
and i want to shed light more on who was on board the plane. we know there was 141 -- and 61 u.s. citizens and a whole host of nationalities on the plane. tomorrow, the work begins as far as combing through the wreckage and trying to piece together what caused the plane to crash or make the hard landing. we heard from the officials about the first response and great job from them. do we know anything about the crew of the aircraft? do we know anything about their whereabouts? >> we don't. we know that there were 16 members of the crew. we can certainly say that they did a fantastic job getting those pass knengers to a safe location, as well as the first responders, they did a tremendous job, one would think, given the fact that you are only
dealing with two people who died in the crash. of all the people that got to the terminal, 191 of them got here on their own. in other words they were able to get on buses. they self evacuated and got on buses and got to the terminal somehow and we know they were evaluated here at the terminal and half of them were taken to local hospitals. and i said before, 49 of them said to be in serious condition. john? >> simon leading our team on the ground in san francisco international. we will stay in touch. the animation is based on what we heard from the eyewitnesss and the like. the nose is up, the plane hits the rocks before making the run way. spins out right there and again, if you show it again, show it one more time as you could come in here. there's the bay, plane, too low, too soon t tail comes off, the fin and the horizontal stabilizer comes off.
witnesses say there was a slight delay before the fire became worse. that period of time key to the evacuation. a number of people watching the landing. anthony said before touchdown, it was clear something was horribly wrong. >> when it was coming down, it looked like it was going to touchdown, all wheels were down and there. and at the time that the airplane touched down the nose wheel and the nose were still flared up. and it was up about 3 degrees and when it came -- when it came down, you just i -- one looks for the puff of smoke from the wheels, i did not is see a puff of smoke, i saw a lot of billowing of big white smoke prior to a small fire ball that evolved from the bottom of the aircraft. and that fire ball was quick and
almost a flash fire, and i did not see anymore fire but what i did see after that, was the airplane starting to somewhat slide down the run way, with the nose still in a up position, but -- and then it began to what appeared to, in my terms anyway, do a cart wheel, is that the plane picked up its tail came up in the air and the nose is oriented down towards the ground and it was not all the way, it was not all the way down, and then i could see the -- at the tail in the air, i could see that the tail had just completely came off. >> a remarkable eyewitness account there and you are about to hear from a crash survivor, right now dozens of patients are being treated at san francisco's only level one trauma center. we just spoke with a man
released. he spoke with ben levy at the hospital, what did he tell you about what happened inside the plane? >> before i get into what he told me john. what i found extraordinary is that there was blood on his shirt, you could see the cuts on his head and he described it like a roll er coaster ride, he was laughing about it, when you go through something like this, you are so traumaized. 15 are being admitted and six in critical condition, ben was allowed to leave the hospital, he was able to walk out. he is shaken up and you will be too when you hear what he told us. listen to what he said. >> it was like a six flags show, right? you are tied up to your chair and we were skipping to run way and i felt that we were going to go up and i thought we were going to go up and attempt
another landing but we went back down again, it felt like slow motion, i was still tied to my chair. until i unbuckled and the whole row was crushed on the chairs behind. >> he said that he feels lucky, he was sitting right next to the exit door, he was one of the last passengers to leave, helping other passengers get out through the chutes that come us on of the plan, he -- that come out of the plane, he fell that they were very fortunate, that they were not more serious injuries or deaths because there was not an immediate fire when the plane hit the ground, and for that, he is very, very grateful. >> god bless him for having that sense of humor. for the patients still hospitalized, what are the injuries that are the most prevalent? >> the thing that they are really concerned about, john, they are worried about the smoke
inh inhalation and crush wounds. it's like when you are dropped quickly and your head hits the ceiling, that is what they are worried about, because those are spinal injuries. or spinal injuries that is covering the series injuries, that is what doctors will pay attention to in the next 24 hours or so. >> and any sense of the patient still hospitalized? how many they will be there for the long-term and how many they believe will be there for a day or two? >> we know there will be 15 admitted out of the 53, that is not the too bad. and out of those 15, 6 are in critical condition, it's difficult to know in this stage of the game, how many will be there beyond if next 24-48 hours. it's the serious crush wounds that they are very, very worried about here at the hospital, that
is what doctors will pay attention to. >> paying attention and tracking all this for us, she is at the scene there in san francisco general, the premier trauma center. thank you, we will stay in touch. one of the passengers on the plane describes the scene as complete chaos, you will hear from him next. ♪ [ male announcer ] fight pepperoni heartburn and pepperoni breath fast with tums freshers. concentrated relief that goes to work in seconds and freshens breath. tums freshers. ♪ tum...tum...tum...tum... tums! ♪ fast heartburn relief and minty fresh breath. [ slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you had heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums grrrrreat outdoors,rget and a great deal.tburn. ahhh
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>> live pictures thereof the crash site. just a recap, we are following
the latest developments. authorities say all 307 passengers and crew of the asiana flight 214 have been accounted for and two people sadly confirmed dead. more than 100 hurtnd some of them critically. the plane spun around upon landing and burst into flames. one of the passengers said it was chaos, listen as he described what happened. >> it seems like we were high and like we could see the tarmac below us, and so we were coming down sharp and right as it coasts for the landing, all of a sudden, the engine was off, like he sped up like he knew he was short and then just the back end hit and flies up in the air and everyone's head went up to the
ceiling and it kind of drifted for a bit, a good 300 yards and tips over, fire starts, everyone is pushing the doors out. and then once we were on the ground, everyone was all huddled on one side, my family and i went to the other side and like between minutes later this lady just appears from like 500 yards away, like crippled and walking and you start running over and there's like another 5 bodies that were 500 yards away that nobody saw. and so we were running over there calling the ambulance and stuff, the ambulances took 20 or 30 minutes to get there, it was ridiculous, we were yelling at people and firefighters get over here, get over here. and they were lagging hard, so, i don't know not very impressed with the whole protocol and systems that they had in place. >> elliott, where were you sitting on the plane? >> we were really fortunate, my
girlfriend and her sister and two others, and we were all pretty central to the back end, got knocked off right on the landing and so, it's flight aten depe dents that were out in the tarmac, they were sitting in the back end and got hammered because we landed short and they all fell out. >> that was passenger elliott stone, that crash put the tower in crisis mode, the first job to get emergency crews headed to the crash site and to reassure the crew. >> 214, san francisco tower, to land. >> 214, heavy, emergency vehicles responding. 214 heavy, san francisco tower. asiana 249 heavy, san francisco
tower, emergency vehicles are responding and on their way. >> on their way to this. pictures taken by a passenger that rushed off the plane, it captures a frightening scene, but the tower and pilot seem focused, both know help is on the way. >> 214, heavy, emergency vehicles are responding. emergency vehicles are responding. >> that crash understandably shut down the sfo for quite some time before two runways were amazingly reopened. next, what the trail of debray could tell us of what just happened, what doomed asiana flight 214. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] some things are designed to draw crowds.
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>> updating you now on the breaking news, you seen the live picks here,s is san francisco international april coming in from our affiliate, that is now an investigateive seen. asiana 214, came in for a landing and something went horribly wrong. witnesses saying the tail of the plane clipping the run way. it then slid around and belly lid on the tarmac and then burst into flames. there was a total of 307 passengers and crew on the flight. all passengers and crew accounted for, two people
confirmed dead. we are told that the two deaths held chinese passports. using a diagram, check it out, we look at the debris, trying find out what it can tell us about the deadly crash. >> reporter: well we have partially recreated the crash scene based on what we have been able to see in the pictures and video so far. so follow me from the left side of the screen to the right. on the far left, you can see debris in the water and a debris trail where the land meets the water. in that same vicinity, the wheels of the plane and the tip of the tail, now, shift your eyes to the right a little and that is where the vertical stabilizer fell, and this is what is the vertical stabilizer, this part of the tail. to the right of that is the horizontal stabilizers and that is this section of the tail, when you look to the right of all of that, you can see the landing gear and then shift your eyes to the far right and that
is where the fusilage ended up, they will look at how close the parts are together in relation to each other. which part came off first and which second? and really no detail will be too small in trying piece the whole thing together. and also, crucial is going to be the data recording box as well as the voice recording box. those hold crucial information that will need to be analyzed. rene marsh, cnn, washington. >> remarkable images coming in and many of them from social media. this one, appears to be passengers running and some walksing and some toting bands. i just crashed landed, sfo, most everyone seems fine, surreal. within moments of the crash, the crews were on the scene dousing
the seen with water and foam. a man who saw it from his hotel said he saw a large brief fireball that came from underneath the aircraft. cnni reporter was also in a nearby hotel when he heard a large crashing sound. he said this is unnerving, we have a long flight home on monday. go to to host and share what you saw today. you have heard of the blacks boxing on planes that record all the information, next, an expert what may be on the box what investigators can learn from it. out there owning it. the ones getting involved and staying engaged. they're not afraid to question the path they're on.
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>> we want to welcome our viewers here in the united states and around the world and we will update you on the deadly landing in san francisco international apartmeirport. take a listen to this passenger describe the horror and the chaos aboard the flight.
>> i felt like we were a little bit high like we could see the tarmac below us and so we were coming down kind of sharp and right when it started to coast, like, for the landing, all of a sudden the engine was like, he sped up, he knew he was short, and then just boom the back end hit and flies up in the air and everyone's head went up to the ceiling and it just kind of drifts for a little bit. probably a good 300 yards and tips over, fire starts and everyone is you know, pushing the doors out. >> elliott stone was a passenger on the flight, we are told that everyone is accounted for. let's break down the latest numbers. 307 people on board, of those, 182 taken to the hospital and 49 of them seriously injured, some critically and incredibly 123 people uninjured and we do know two people are confirmed dead this evening. we will go to dan simon, dan, what are you hearing as we shift
from the recovery the response, to the investigation phase? >> reporter: well, we can tell you, jon, that south korean authorities are saying that the two people that died in the crash were chinese passport holders. and that they were found on the run way according to the fire cheer here in san francisco. now the question is, whether they were ejected from the aircraft, whether it made impact on the ground or if they succombed to their injuries as they exited the plane. we cannot tell you. nine bay area hospitals have accepted patients. as you said, 49 of them are seriously injured and i should point out, if someone were to walk in the airport, saturday night here in an fran, it would seem like a regular night, you can see folks behind me with the luggage, and i looked up at the monitor and i see that most of the flights now are on time.
so things, as far as the operations go at the airport, things have basically returned back to normal. there are 4 run ways here at sfo, 2 of them now are operational. in terms of the people who are on board that flight. we can tell you that there were 141 chinese nationals. 77 korean nationals, and 61 u.s. citizens among some of the folks on the aircraft. and so we are continuing to monitor the situation. we can tell you that the ntsb has a team on its way from washington. they are expected to arrive at midnight and of course, begin processing the scene tomorrow morning. jon? >> and dan, as the people came off the plane, 123 unhurt, not injured at all. what is your sense in speaking to them and hearing from the first responders about how orderly or how chaotic it was where the plane was resting? >> you know, it's a great
question. it appears that the flight crew did an outstanding job getting those people off the plane. we can tell you that nearly 200 people, 191 passengers self evacuated, in other words, they were able to get on a bus, and then come to the terminal and half of them went to the hospital, those that thought their injuries were severe. those folks have now been allowed to leave the airport, presumablily they did speak to, whether it was an airline official or investigator on the ground to get their tame and exchange information of where they will be if there's going to be questions. but those people have been allowed to leave the airport. 123 of them who have spent several hours here at the terminal answering questions and talking to authorities here on the ground, jon. >> dan simon continuing to report there on the ground.
thank you, we will be with you back later in the program. i want to put together an animation, based on eyewitnesss accounts we will show you how it played out. it hits early and spins off the runway, one more time. comes in according to eyewitnesss, nose up, nose up and you see the tail, clips right there, just at the edge, the rocky part where you come off the bay before you are supposed to be on the runway, spinning there into the field off the runway. that is where the fire started and that is where remarkably, remarkably the passengers were able to exit using the emergency slides and other doors off the plane. all planes are equipped with the so-called black box, and earlier we spoke with an expert of what may have gone wrong and what the data may show. >> for whatever reason, the pilot did not have enough power available to correct the rate of descent that brought him into contact with the ground before he wanted to be there.
now, i've been thinking about this throughout the past few hours, and there are a number of other considerations that may or may not have been made really clear. one of them has to do with the fact that at least in one other case with a triple 7 in london, they were on approach to land, and they ended up landing short also and it's my understanding that it was all because of the fuel situation. for one reason or another, the throttles were moving and the engines were not increasing in their thrust. therefore they landed short of the runway and short of the power they needed to continue to fly to a safe landing. mechanical things can be present in these airplanes that will make it impossible for the crew to do the things that they know how to do. we are going to learn a lot over the next few hours and days as those boxes are examined. >> you are looking at live
pictures of the crash scene, the questions will be asked and answered as the boxes are recovered. more than 50 people on that aircraft when it crashed landed were taken to san francisco international airport and five of those patients are remaining in critical condition. and one survivor that received minor injuries is describing the confusion and horror in the moments after that crash. we are live from san francisco with the latest. >> well, jon, it's amazing that there's still so much activity here at the hospital, even though you know, the krux of what is happening at the airport is dieing down. we are seeing patients coming out of this hospital, a lot of them are able to walk on their own. one of the patients we came across was ben levy, he was sitting near the exit row, when the plane hit the ground. he helped some of the passengers exit out of the plane as you are supposed to when you are sitting in the exit row and he has a
harrowing tale. listen to what he told us. >> first of all, there were a lot of koreans that may not speak english that well. yes, disbelief, screaming and a bit of chaos, i think we managed everyone to calm down and really start to get out and not pushing each other and stepping on each other. so it felt like it went fast. >> reporter: and levy was hurt, he had blood on that white t-shirt at the back. you could see that there were spots in his shirt. he had a cut to his head. he said though, he feels extremely fortunate that there were not more people injured. if you look at what happened to this plane. he said that the passengers were very fortunate, because the fire that gutted this plane, it did not happen until most of them were off. as far as what is happening here at this hospital, they did end up receiving 53 patients. 15 admitted and of them, jon, six are in critical condition. jon. >> six in critical condition
tonight, at the scene for us, long day of reporting, we will stay in touch with you, thank you so much this plane took off from seoul south korea, and we will go there live and get reaction from people there. at university of phoenix we kis where it can take you.cation (now arriving: city hospital) which is why we're proud to help connect our students with leading employers across the nation. (next stop: financial center) let's get to work.
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. >> a recap, following the latest developments, they say all 307 passengers and crews of asiana flight 214 have been accounted for. reporters in seoul saying that the two dead held chinese passports. the plane crashed just as it was touching down at the airport, it spun around and burst into flames. >> the moment that it touched, it was bang, and we knew that something has gone wrong, something terrible. it's difficult, your instincts
take over, you do not know what is going on. >> was it loud? >> yeah, the moment it -- it was pretty loud. >> right now, it's not only in san francisco, some worried families in seoul are waiting to hear the names of the passengers on the flight. it's one of two major airlines based in south korea. just a bit ago, we were told that the two people killed in crash were chinese passport holders. anything new from the government officials there? >> reporter: we know that the plane originated in shanghai which is why you had so many chinese nationals on board. as you say, we have heard from an official from the ministry of transport infrastructure and land that those two deaths did hold chinese passports. the other nationalities on board, 77 south korean and 61 you see citizens and one
japanese. there are also -- there has been a flight ar taken off from seoul's international airport, a charter flight with a team of investigators, four investigators for the air safety board here. and asiana officials also, and there's another one scheduled this afternoon, that will be flying family members and more officials over to san francisco, so, one flight already taken off and one on its way. we are also hearing a little bit more from asiana about the pilot, there were four pilots paren apparently on that plane, and they operate in shifts in what is a ten-hour flight. the man piloting the plan, a man called lee-jong-in, one of the veteran pilots been flying since 1996, and a bit of information. as you say, it's the second of
the two major airlines for asia. it had incidents in the past, in 2011, there was a crash involving a cargo plane with two deaths and in 1993, a big crash, 66 people were killed. as we are hearing, all the way through the day's events, it does not have necessarily a worse safety record than other airlines. it is known for its customer service here in the country. >> how quickly did the company reach out, to make public comment and to reach out to the worried passengers of the families? >> they established a hotline early on. so, you know, the crash happened between 3:00 and 4:00 a.m., and they had that hotline up and
running by 7:00 or 8:00, a lot of worried family members calling in. it took them some time to relisa press release in english and they sort of have a working room for journalists and they are feeding us information as they themselves learn more about the specifics of the crash. >> we track the story, diane we will keep in touch. some of the passengers said that the scene was chaos, listen as they describe the moments. >> we were ten seconds away from being home and seemed like we were a little bit high and lining we could see the tarmac down below us and so we were coming down kind of sharp and then, right when it started to coast, like for the landing, all of a sudden, the engine all -- like you sped up, like he knew he was short and then just boom, the back end hit and flies up in the air and like everyone's head goes up to the ceiling and then
it just kind of drifteds for a little bit. probably a good 300 yards. then it tips over and fire starts and everyone is pushing the doors out. i would say that probably 50-75 people were on stretchers and had neck braces and stuff. there were 5 that we saw that was just terrible, you know, like bad, bad news. and those were the flight attendents that got dropped out the back, the back got the worst of it, it opened up and they got spilled out on impact there and we kind of fish tailed for another 300 yards just sliding and then we rolled over, fire started and that is when everyone, all the passengers jumped out. >> i thought they were going to do something, as the plane landed, it was kind of like this, it was like the plane was trying to take off again. i thought. as it landed, like, it was hard
like loud noise and then the masks fell down and then stuff started to fall down on people and then everyone was screaming. >> so just what will investigators be looking for when they get to the scene. mary, let me start with this, when you listened there to the passengers, anything, when i listen, i'm a lay person, anything that they said that would make you write down notes say, that is number one. >> the multiple strikes the interesting. there will be a lot of examination and questioning about why they were so low at that sea wall. but it's clear that is the first strike and at that point, i think it was unvoidable, the next series of sequences, and then they will look at the debris path and see if it
matches with the ear witness and i'm witness accounts of perhaps the pilot putting in more power to attempt to do a take off again and go around, which would explain the debris tail from a tail strike, those eyewitness and air witness accounts are very, very important. >> so when the ntsb team gets there, obviously it will be night time in san francisco, we assume the bulk of their inspection will come in the morning but they can light it up overnight if they want. they are saying this is one of their most accomplished pilots. how much of the investigation is doing the who was the crew? who was the pilot? how much experience does he have? and how much of it is the data available to them on the black boxes and other computer materials that they will recover from the site? >> it's important what is on the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder, the two black boxes that is the evidence of what was said and what happened. but the ntsb has been very tuned
in to something called crew resource management in recent years. who will challenge and say something. there's been investigations where the ntsb has been critical for not challenging each other. you are supposed to challenge the pilot flying if something does not sound right, if they are not lined up for the landing. this being a visual approach. they needed a long glide slope in if they did not have the equipment to do it. and it's not always the first officer, as they trade off, is supposed to challenge and the ntsb has found that it does not happen, in some cultures such as some oriental -- asian cultures they do not challenge each other. the first officer does not challenge a higher ranking official. and the ntsb has been highly l kril cal for that. >> -- highly critical for that. >> how long does that normally
take? >> well, in this particular ntsb, the board component changes with each administration, and they have term t terms, but the members are good at briefing the public, and they will have briefings and there's two reasons for that, they do try to keep the public informed, but there's the regulation called the family assistance act and it requires the ntsb to keep the family briefed. and while they do that they brief the public. that is law in the united states. they must do briefings and keep people informed of what goes on, there has to be a hotline for the families and the families must be given all the opportunities to view the information and so, our regulations and laws promote the briefing and the free exchange of iormation about accidents. >> a good cop always follows the evidence but they will tell you they get a gut when they show up at the crime scene. when you look at the pictures throughout the day and listen to
the eyewitnesss what does your gut tell you? >> my gut tells me, perhaps, it's kind of crazy to say, perhaps it was the beautifully clear day that threw everyone off. you are expecting an instrument approach, pilots on a plane this sophisticated, everyone loves the plane. it's fully auto pilot land, it has every bell and whistle, and usually you fly on the auto pilot. it adjusts your throttle and speed and gives you warnings for everything. it can fly itself, on this particular day in san francisco, they did not have the instrument landing system and they did not have the visual approach lights that tell you are in the glide approach. you are doing a visual approach here, and it may have been too unusual, they got too low and once they hit the wall, there was no turning back.
they had to leave the plane on the ground, the attempted take off again was another mistake. >> we appreciate your insights and expertise as we go into our coverage into sunday morning in the east coast, it is now just about 10:00 in san francisco, up next, an update from another place we are watching closely. this morning, there's confusion of who will be the country's next prime minister. i have low testosterone. there, i said it. see, i knew testosterone could affect sex drive, but not energy or even my mood. that's when i talked with my doctor. he gave me some blood tests... showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% testosterone gel.
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>> updating on the breaking news of the crash of flight 214, asiana flight 214 came in for a landing and something went horribly wrong. the tail of the plane clipped the end of the runway, it slid around the tarmac before bursting into flames. 307 people, all now accounted for. two confirmed dead. we are told that the two dead held chinese passports. there's confusion and uncertainty of who will be the country's new prime minister in egypt. it was reported that mohamed
alber dmp i would be sworn in, but that has not happened. and supporters of mohamed morsi have been massing around barracks. that crowd marched for those killed during clashes friday outside of those barracks, carl was right in the middle of it. supporters of morsi have taken to the streets of cairo, today, it's a symbolic funeral, the muslim brotherhood, the power base of mr. morsi said that five of the supporters were gunned down by the military after friday prayers.
they believe mr. morsi is still under arrest at the guard headquarters, however the military has said that it you d did not use live fire at the scene. and the health ministry has confirmed one person day in the incident. as in previous days, the crowd is passionate. the muslim brotherhood has set up a line of individuals here that are linking arms to make sure the crowd does not get out of hand to at least try to maintain a bit of order until they reach the republican guard building. you can see that they have coffins draped in the flag. it's a symbolic funeral, the bodies of the dead are not actually there, the police told the organizers that they would not be able to march if they
brought actual corpses, it's still at several hundreds yards to the headquarters and so far this march has been peaceful. that is certainly the way that organizers hope it will stay. cnn, cairo. >> a year's long legal battle over whether to deport a radical cleric is over, he was convicted in jordan in 1999 on charges of conspiracy to cause explosions, britain was trying to deport him. he faces charges about alleged terror attacks. another one has joined the list to give asylum to snowden.
bolivia said it's outraged over the incident. and venezuela offering asylum and nicaraugra willing to consider it. >> i'm jon king in washington, it's the top of the hour now, 10:00 p.m. saturday in san francisco, welcome to the viewers in the united states and around the world. let's update you in the breaking news, at least two people confirmed dead after the boeing 777 crash landed on the run way right there, san francisco international airport. this is what is left in the plane, the tail of the craft ripped off. the plane was landing, when the back hit the ground at the rear edge of the run way. the plane spun around, throwing aircraft parts and debri